Tuesday, December 4, 2018

German ICT industry adds nearly 250000 jobs since 2010 - Telecompaper

Germany's ICT industry has added nearly 250,000 jobs and EUR 10 billion in gross value added to the economy since 2010, according to the annual monitoring report by ZEW for the digital ministry BMWi. In 2018 alone, the sector grew value added by 4 percent to EUR 108 billion, and the number of employees and self-employed workers increased to just under 1.2 million. 

The report shows the ICT industry widely outperformed more traditional parts of the German economy, such as chemicals and mechanical engineering, in the past eight years. This is largely due to growth in ICT services, offsetting the decline in value of hardware. The ICT sector also has above-average start-up rates, with around 6,000 newly created companies in 2017, the report found. 

The internet industry in Germany also grew in 2017, by around EUR 10 billion to turnover of EUR 119 billion. The internet industry is worth around 3.7 percent of GDP.  In terms of sales per capita, Germany ranked sixth worldwide, at EUR 1,442, following South Korea, the US, the UK, Finland and Japan. Only internet access showed a decline in revenues, while all other areas of the internet industry, and especially e-commerce, are growing. 


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