Saturday, January 12, 2019

Communication Conundrum - Star of Mysore

The nation is currently at the top, globally, in the fast-growing area of information and communication technology, thanks to the tireless efforts by its army of computer software professionals. Further, Bengaluru figures prominently among the centres across the country hosting the soldiers as it were, even as Mysuru is not lagging much. However, the terms information and communication have scope for scrutiny with a magnifying lens from another angle of the land’s people dealing with information and their manner of communicating among themselves in public domain. Although the Right To Information Act, 2005 has been taken advantage of by many citizens seeking transparency in administration to some degree of satisfaction, the marked features of communication among the land’s people makes a fascinating study.

Turning one’s focussed attention to situations that find the land’s people communicating inappropriately among them, one may cite two guidelines laid down by wise people of a distant past namely, (a) Words spoken have to be like pearls, (b) Dialogues have to be pleasing, taking care not to utter truth if it happens to be hurting.

Taking a close look at any interaction between randomly chosen two persons across the land, one can notice the diversity of languages in which they usually speak, vast dissimilarities of their social, economic and ethnic background, disparity in age and so on, not to forget their lack of awareness about the consequences of communicating inappropriately on various counts such as (a) Raising the voice in anger, (b) Complaining about somebody or unfulfilled wish, (c) Nagging body language, although unconsciously, (d) Carrying tales with vicious intentions and so on, not to forget indulging in foul speech.

In the foregoing backdrop, a seminar organised in the city this week on communication disorders in special sections of society may have not included the aforementioned finer aspects of communication under the ambit of the event. Lastly, the elected representatives of people in various Legislative Bodies stand testimony to communication that has gone awry.

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